22 Nov 2018

We currently have an appeal for Assistant Leaders for our TUESDAY Evening Beaver Colony. Whilst we have a parent rota to assist the colony, this alone is not enough. We urgently need another Assistant Leader to join the team. If you want to know more then please contact: (function(){var ml=”kteux0csFhn.3ifClEaA2mopg-%4rD”,mi=”J

19 Nov 2018

Hi to all you parents,
Are you able to help out on the Group Committee? It only meets once a month (usually on a Tuesday evening) and is there to support our leadership team, pay for out overheads, maintain membership records and subscriptions as well as arrange for maintenance to our premises. We are looking for at least one parent from each section (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) to jon us.
The Group operates on an entirely voluntary basis and we cant do this without considerable support from our parents. Please give it some thought and …